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Its possible to have fun with eggs :-)

Balancing might seem so impossible, so hard, so overly sensitive at first but dont get frustrated! Its only a tough game. Except the spoon level, this one is a tribute to your kids!

Hint: Hold iDevice with 2 thumbs and 2 pointer fingers (oversize hands for the iPad;). Right approach will make you have fun with egging for quite a while. Enjoy!

Leaderboards only available with iOS 4.+.

Simple yet challenging gameplay. You wont survive for very long thats why time is measured in split seconds. egging is for these moments much too short to start any other activity and fits well into these little breaks you definitely need before getting back to work. Although its addictive it takes just a little bit of your time. Its a perfect replacement for waiting and I realized that it can give you kind of a Zen mood due to its need of concentration, focusing and repeating.
So what is it?! I know this will sound weird at first but did you ever try to balance an egg on a fork? On chopsticks? A knife? Under real world circumstances you might end up with a slimy mess. Here is your chance doing it virtually and even compete with friends and players worldwide (Game Center). egging physics simulation comes close to real world physics, means balancing the virtual egg is quite similar to balancing a real egg.

And hey, I forgot to mention. Level "SPOON" gives you the possibility to combine egging with real-world-body-activity, your own creativity and social context. Think-tank some hilarious rules with your kids?! Like: Ride on the Dads back to the next tree and return without dropping the egg. Whatever, this levels rules are up to you.

Great!! - I love the game! … overall I love it, I recommended it to some friends and they love it too! Great game AMAZING more like it! (Zooooeeeee)
Its always amazing what ideas occur to people (
weird little app, but well put together and fun. (MrCrick)
...chopsticks and a knife are funny and hard to do. Good for playing with friends. (Zeoxy)

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